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Mass coloured PVC boards

Komplast is a company producing plastic panels with entirely Romanian capital, established on the Romanian market in 2013. Our goal is to support the consumption of plastic and composite boards among domestic and foreign manufacturers due to the environment and the many technical and economic advantages that customers can enjoy compared to wood plywood.

Our long-term vision is to expand nationally and internationally and penetrate a wide range of markets to offer eco-friendly PVC products.

The advantages of PVC boards, produced by Komplast

  • PVC boards and WPC panels can be used for various applications in construction, automotive, advertising, furniture manufacturing, landscaping.
  • PVC products can be used many times due to their mechanical, chemical properties, resistance to ultraviolet rays, and moisture, ensuring a prolonged degradation over time.
  • Size, colour, and density are customisable according to customer requirements and needs.
  • All PVC products contain only environment-friendly pigments and are free of heavy materials.
  • Plastic panels are food-friendly in terms of stabilisers, internal and external lubricants, processing agents, impact modifiers, and pigments.
  • PVC and WPC boards are 100% recycled to create new PVC products at a special price.
  • All PVC products are friendly to both humans and the environment.
  • The estimated lifespan of PVC boards is 30-50 years, and their colour can last on the outside for up to 2 years.

Why collaborate with Komplast?

  • We have the only PVC board factory in Romania.
  • We offer the best value for money on the market.
  • We are flexible, and we provide personalised price offers.
  • You can request a free sample set for testing.
  • We only work with Central European suppliers.
  • We have a production capacity of 500 m³/month.
  • PVC and WPC boards are 100% recycled to create plastic formwork panels at a special price.
  • We deliver the products very quickly. Even in the case of customised PVC boards, the deadline is a maximum of 7-10 working days.
  • We take over the waste resulting from the processing of our panels free of charge to reduce your expenses with their destruction and environmental taxes.
  • We recycle the waste and reintroduce it into the production process so that the PVC formwork sheets contain 30-40% recycled material.

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